Monday, February 06, 2006

Have You Dug His Scene?

For this Monday's song, we take a strong left turn into uncharted territory (for me anyway): the remix. "Have You Dug His Scene?" was, I believe, my second attempt at a remix, brought on my repeated listenings of the second Verve CD of remixed jazz classics. The remix is no Brazilian booty-shaker, granted, but perhaps you'll get your groove on to it (and perhaps you won't. It's free. What do you want?).

Anyway, this undertaking, undertook in October, 2003, taught me one thing, at least: if you're going to do a remix, make sure you have something better to work with than a 64kps .mp3 file as your source material (snapped up from the wonderfully eclectic 365 Days Project).

Here's what CrudCrud has to say about the original:

"Yaphet Kotto did this jazz poetry blast back in '68, and it comes off as a bit less Burn Baby, Burn than the Last Poets. Perhaps that is because Kotto is the son of a Cameroonian prince! And his producer on this is fellow African Hugh Masekela. Coming from Africa and seeing the plight of American Blacks in the 1960s, especially the institutionalized poverty, is a bit different than living it. So maybe that is why Kotto doesn't spit the same rage as the Last Poets. Or maybe he is just a different cat. Man, I don't wanna kill your head so forget that jive for a second and check out Kotto's Beat-inspired 'try (as in poe'try)."