Friday, June 02, 2006

Captain Sisko's Badasss Song

Our second "Buried Folderol Week" concludes on the same note it began: that of incredibly rare favorites (of mine, anyway) made with found or sampled audio. This Friday's tune is one of my favorites and it actually came together in an interesting manner. It's no secret that I consider Deep Space Nine to be the best television series of all time, and it was my companion through most of High School, College, and then my first forays into the Real World. I learned a lot from Captain Sisko. Anyway, towards the end of season five, I believe, I was up late at night and the show happened to be on and since it was an awesome episode (the Dominion's all in a snit because Sisko mined the wormhole with cloaked, self-replicating mines) I decided to put a microphone (the ol' Shure SM-58) in front of the television's speaker and record some of whatever Captain Sikso was saying (in this case it's a great exchange with Jeffrey Comb's Weyoun character).

Anyway, once I had the recorded audio from the TV on one track of the four-track cassette recorder, I grabbed a drum part from my Alesis SR-16 drum machine (since it was so late at night, and you may recognize this, I recycled the same drum program from "Too Damn Muggy"). I recorded in a bassline along with the programmed drum part onto track two of the four-track, which left two open tracks for improvised synths, which I recorded directly onto tape and, as they say in France, "Veiled!": a defining moment in my musical history.