Tuesday, July 11, 2006

(My Brain's) Inside the Computer

It's song number 50!

This song I did a couple of weeks ago for the July, 2006, KVRAudio contest. The subject of the contest is "Genre Hybrid" and this song attempts to blend West African Highlife (okay, with some South African elements) with Synthpop. It's gotten some pretty good comments from the other participants, many of whom believe it sounds like David Byrne as envisioned by "Weird" Al Yankovic. Others have picked up on the apparent thematic resonance of the paranoia-infused lyric with many They Might Be Giants lyrics. I guess I'll take both of those as compliments.

This song also marks the half-way point of our musical journey through the Cacophonous World of Professor Whimsey. As summer is in full swing, I think we might take a break of a week or so and resume with more or less regular song postings throughout the rest of the summer as we travel ever onwards to our final goal of 100 songs.



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