Monday, March 06, 2006

Hive Girl

Professor Whimsey's Logbook: June 12, 1927

The most amazing discovery: upon finally arriving and entering into the Love Hive I was treated not to the sound of choatic buzzing as one would expect, but instead to the most mellifluous sort of droning. It was clear that if I were to navigate this new realm, I would need a guide. Fortunately one presented herself, dancing over in a circular pattern. She told me her name was Beatrice and invited me further into the Hive. Grateful for her kindness of spirit I stayed with her. As the days pass now, however, I am met by the growing awareness of a most disturbing trait in my dear companion: an utter lack of self. For example, if I ask her what she thinks of a cup of honey, she refers back to the collective opinion of the Hive on the subject. So, too, when I broach the topic of our friendship. Such lack of personal awareness is not uncommon among most residents of the Hive, but in particular this does not become her.

I am saddened by this discovery. For now, however, I remain steadfast in the Hive.


Blogger RC said...

A great sound: very atmospheric, almost ambient. It would be good in an all-instrumental version too, swapping a solo instrument for the vocal.

Actually, the notion of "the Hive" could turn into the basis for a new concept album.

10:23 PM  
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