Monday, October 02, 2006

Michigan: The Land Shaped Like a Hand

I'm back! And I bring a new tune. This tune is actually a collaboration with the excellent Rockstar_not who, in addition to coming up with the concept of the piece (an entry into's September "geography-themed" contest) wrote and sang the lyric. Basically the good parts are his. I contributed some wacked-out, late Friday night vocalizations and the "Motown Mash-Up" rhythm track. Enjoy it or don't. Just never for get we come from a land shaped like a hand.

And, yes. We know Q isn't from Michigan.


Anonymous rockstar_not said...


Thanks for posting the song. I had to move my site.

It's now at

5:25 AM  
Blogger leah said...

My husband and I went to undergrad at U of M (Ann Arbor) and have family in Michigan. This song is awesome!

But do you Michiganders know that Wisconsinites also locate themselves on the back of the hand? Just bend the knuckles of your left hand and presto.

I've noticed that Michiganders prefer the palm of the right hand, however. Crazy freaks.

4:09 PM  
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